Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and learning valuable life lessons and skills through sport is a significant part of the sport program at Parklands. 

Our team will view every child as an individual sportsperson; assessing their skills and preferences we will adopt our long-term athletic development model to improve outcomes in academics and sport through inside and outside school opportunities. Building on this, athletes at PCC will have opportunities to represent the school, our district and region, in various sporting competitions throughout the year.

Once you start at PCC we will enjoy an environment where every child has the potential to unlock their inner athlete and get involved in activity straight away.

Students have a variety of opportunities to compete in both non-competitive and competitive environments. Senior and Middle school can choose interschool and recreation sports within school time on a Wednesday afternoon. Representative opportunities through the school sports pathway are also available to students.

Sports times:

Senior sport (Years 10-12)  – Wednesday afternoon

Tuesday sport (Yeasr 7-9) Tuesday afternoon

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