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Parklands is committed to empowering a missions minded generation of young people who desire to serve in their local and global community.

We wish to provide our students with experiences that shape their perceptions and inspire them to actively love and care for those less fortunate than themselves. Through education and service we equip our students to fight poverty and injustice, and encourage them to participate and raise awareness of these challenges both global and local.

Since 2011, Parklands has been providing students with cross cultural missions experiences. To date, our students have engaged in 8 outreach trips to Cambodia, serving with Bloom Asia and RAW Impact. Our desire to connect and serve comes from a Biblical heart for justice, love and kindness;

He has told you, O man, what is good—
and what does the LORD require of you,
but to do justice and to love kindness,
and to walk humbly with your God? (Micah 6:8 MEV)

Be it serving in Cambodia, or in our local communities, we desire to serve in love and promote justice. In a modern global community, our students are more aware than ever of the injustice and inequality that exists in our world. Our next generation of students are interested and increasingly committed to addressing serious issues that affect our way of life, and the life of those less fortunate.

At Parklands, we seek to assist our students to develop an understanding of the world in which they live, and a means by which to become history changers and participate in the fight against injustice and inequality.

We believe that Jesus was the world’s greatest example of a servant hearted leader to ever walk the Earth, and we want to live like Him. Jesus healed the sick, cared for the widow, comforted the poor and preached a message of hope. With this example in mind, we believe our students can impact the world and really make a difference. And it is our hope that by providing our students with experiences and opportunities to serve, that they will continue to find ways in which to serve that will endure for a lifetime.


Aboriginal Cultural Awareness “On Country” Trip:

In 2020, we once again partnered with RAW Impact to investigate opportunities to learn and serve in Australia. Our heart for justice led us to connect with our First Peoples, and to understand their plight since the landing of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788.

We seek more connection with the traditional owners of our lands, and to hear their stories. Through the telling of stories comes understanding and empathy. And through empathy, healing and connection between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples can occur more readily.

In September 2021, our students were able to avail themselves of an opportunity to learn from and connect with our First Peoples. We are excited to partner with the Elders of the Gunggari Nation in Mitchell Qld, and learn “on-country” about their culture. It is our hope that through this partnership, that our students will learn and be challenged by our history. It is also our hope that our friendship with the Gunggari Nation will inspire the next generation to appreciate the richness of Aboriginal Culture, and appreciate its important place in the Australian Identity.



Cambodian Cultural Immersion Trip:

The Cambodia Trip is a unique opportunity for our Grades 11 & 12 male and female students to serve those less fortunate than themselves, and in turn be transformed through the experience of caring for those in need. This 14 day trip is run every Winter Break, taking a team of students and teachers to Cambodia to work alongside an Australian registered Christian NGO (Non Government Organisation) RAW Impact.

Traditionally there are two components of this trip:

1. Cultural Immersion – Our team travel through Cambodia together learning about the history of the country, experiencing the culture, sampling different foods, and visiting some prominent tourist destinations. This portion of the trip is dedicated to cultural immersion, education and team building, and is an exciting and important part of our travels.

2. Service and Care – The bulk of the trip is dedicated to serving in 2 small villages in Cambodia. Taskor village is just outside of Phnom Penh, and Koki village is situated 5 hours north. We partner with RAW Impact, serving in these 2 communities by inspiring local families currently living in slum conditions at a grass roots level. Our team participates with sustainable building, innovative agricultural projects and educational programs.



At Parklands we fundraise for building costs, materials and resources for all projects and programs that our teams complete while On Country or overseas in Cambodia while working with RAW Impact. We do not fundraise to reduce the personal costs of the trip.  For individual fundraising ideas or further information regarding any of our trips, please contact Mrs. Amanda Young: ayoung@parklands.qld.edu.au.