Lower Primary School

(Years Prep – 3)

Prep is a fun and exciting place for our beginning Little Learners to start to explore their world through learning, through play and really start to understand the relationship of playing with others.

Your child will learn and explore in fun and exciting ways through investigation, play and real-life situations. During play, they make decisions, solve problems, develop thinking skills, collaborate, communicate and develop a positive sense of self.

In Prep time our children will be using blocks, creating collages and doing other activities that develop early mathematical concepts and skills. Drawing and painting helps to encourage oral language and storytelling as well as reading and writing skills. The children will “write” stories through pictures and copy signs as part of their play.

One of the most important skills learnt are not only to play and investigate independently, but also as a team or a group, either while participating in various indoor or outdoor activities.

Daily Structure

Start: 8:30am
Morning Tea: 10:30am (30 mins)
Lunch: 1:00pm (30 mins)
End of Day: 3:00pm

Years 1-3

It is during the early developmental years that the framework for future learning is constructed. Our emphasis is on the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills, the development of an enquiring mind and the establishment of a love for school and learning.

The Lower Primary academic program has a strong focus on phonics and provides an excellent approach to learning to read and write. We use Sound Waves to help develop literacy skills in students through the use of flash cards, charts, Music, DVD and teacher instruction.

Daily Structure

Start: 8:30am
Morning Tea: 11:00am (30 mins)
Lunch: 1:30pm (30 mins)
End of Day: 3:10pm
We do various dramatic plays giving children another creative outlet to express themselves and gain confidence in doing so in a fun environment. During all this “play”, there is also a lot of learning going on and the children learn through various art and craft activities, musical activities, building and just general playing – inside and out – an enormous amount of information that helps them to learn about the world around them in a safe, caring and loving environment.

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