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Principal’s Welcome

I believe parents want their children to be valued for who they are today and what they may become.

“Love is the engine of change” is a saying that rings true to us at Parklands Christian College. Change, after all, is at the heart of a well-rounded education: What we learn changes our mental, social, emotional, physical and spiritual relationship to the world. Hence, at Parklands we empower our students’ education firstly by having them experience love through care and acceptance. This means that we don’t wait for students to change before we care for them; we care for them regardless of their actions, so that they can and want to change. We say that whichever of your achievements we celebrate or whatever poor choice you make, we love you, we value you, we believe in you, and we are here for you. This goes to the very heart of our College.

When I arrived at Parklands in 2017, I immediately sensed that care and acceptance was more than a slogan appropriate for a Christian school. It is deeply rooted in our unique culture and our Christian faith. Serving as Parklands’ second principal, I will ensure that our school will continue to grow and develop its excellence in teaching and learning, facilities and staffing, while staying absolutely true to these foundations.

I was born and bred in southern Germany and became a teacher in the Bavarian state school system. Even before I started studying for my teaching degree, I sensed God’s calling to work in the Christian education sector. After my move to Australia, I was able to find my feet as a teacher, deputy and then principal at another Christian school.

At Parklands, I have now come into a school that resonates with me on so many levels: our staff members score their relationships with students with the top satisfaction rate in our staff survey; our students respect their teachers even behind their backs; our parents are involved and committed, creating a supportive community that understands that it takes more than a classroom to educate a child; our board is committed to good governance and transparency; and the Principal loves the challenge of guiding the vision and forming the culture of this amazing school. And above all of this, we know that we are loved by God and are called to love others, which binds everything together.

Ultimately, it is not up to us, but to our students to embark on their own quest to discover why they are here, what makes them get out of bed each morning, and what their contribution to others will be. I consider it a great privilege and an even greater responsibility to be part of their journey.

I extend an invitation for you to come and tour our College so that you can see for yourself how your child will benefit from a loving, caring and supportive education at Parklands Christian College.

God bless,

Johannes Solymosi