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At Parklands we engage in Behaviour Education.

At Parklands, we strongly believe in behaviour education as a means of holding students accountable for their actions – both inside and outside the classroom. We teach that students should focus on taking responsibility for their own behaviour, and not try to control what other people say or do. Whether their actions are good or bad, accidental or intentional, we encourage students to take the time they need to reflect on how they handled their interactions with others, and encourage an environment where students are free to learn from their mistakes, and continue to improve themselves every day.

At Parklands we aim to have students learn:

  • To take responsibility for their choices
  • That it is ok to make mistakes
  • To learn from our mistakes
  • To clean up the mess that our mistakes have made – deal with the consequences of our actions.
  • How to build self-control, emotional regulation, character building, employability skills, peer interactions and how to deal with conflict respectfully.

We want our students to grow into powerful people in our community and beyond. At Parklands Christian College to achieve these goals we utilise the Responsible Thinking Process (RTP) founded on Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) and Loving Your Kids on Purpose (LOKOP) founded on Keeping Your Love On by Danny Silk, to help guide our behaviour education strategies.

The Responsible Thinking Classroom (RTC) is supported by a team of Social Workers, Teachers and Human Services Workers. RTC is a classroom to learn responsibility, self-control, emotional regulation, communication, how to modify their behaviour, peer interactions and devise strategies for positive life choices. We believe that behaviour is a concept that is taught just like any other subject and sometimes students need time and space to understand the impact of their behaviour. Similar to learning a subject like Math, Science, Art, etc. this is another area of our lives that we need to learn.  The RTC is the space to learn this.

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