The Program

The Parklands Christian College Student Device Program is compulsory for all students in Years 5-12.


  • Payments will be made over a 10 month period.
  • Term of Agreement is 3 years (30 months of scheduled payments).


  • The College will provide:
    • A protective case and laptop bag for the MacBook Airs.
    • A protective keyboard case for iPads.
  • Students may purchase additional accessories that assist with learning.
  • Deliberate damage to accessories may incur a replacement charge.


  • The software on these computers will be managed by the College.
  • The IT Department will have the ability to
    • Manage software settings and updates.
    • Deny or limit the use of some applications or hardware if it detracts from the students learning.
  • 24×7 internet filtering and security software will be in place, monitoring all activity on the device for the students’ safety.


  • If a student leaves during the term of the device agreement for any reason, payments will cease after the device is returned to the College in good condition.


  • All students will be issued with a school managed iCloud account that contains 200GB of cloud storage.
  • If a student has used their school email address as their Apple ID for an existing account, they will be prompted to change their existing Apple ID to a personal email address instead.


  • Apple MacBook Airs have fixed price repairs as follows. This cost will be passed on to parents.
    • Damaged screens or external enclosure damage – $149.
    • Internal damage or total machine repair – $429.
  • Apple iPads have a fixed price repair of
    • $65 for any internal or external damage.
  • Device repairs will be authorised and carried out via the Parklands IT Department. Loan devices may be available while repairs take place.
  • Deliberate damage or more than 2 repairs in a one year period may incur a replacement charge.


  • Buy back is offered on MacBook Airs only and is only available at the conclusion of the 3 year cycle.
  • A residual payment amount will be determined by the College and is subject to change each year.
  • Once a MacBook is purchased from the College, the device is not the responsibility of the College and support, warranty, and insurance is not offered on these devices.
  • Software is not provided on buyback devices.
  • The current buy back cost will be $275.

The Devices



  • DUX STM Protective Case (RRP $69.95)
  • Targus Armoured Notebook Laptop Bag (RRP $99.95)
  • 24×7 Internet Filtering for 3 Years (RRP $207.00)Security
  • Software for 3 Years (RRP $239.85)
  • Device Management Software for 3 years (RRP $75.00)
  • Total Value $2,289.75.

    Your cost $1,350 over 3 years, with option to purchase for an additional $275, Total $1,625.00.



  • Logitech Rugged Keyboard Folio Case (RRP $249.00)
  • 24×7 Internet Filtering for 3 Years (RRP $207.00)
  • Device Management Software for 3 years (RRP $37.00)

Total Value $1,271.00. Your cost $500 over 2 years, with no option for buy back.


* All prices are less educational discounts where available.

Rollout Schedule

iPad – Year 5 & 6

  • Year 5 & 6 students return iPads at the conclusion of Year 6.
  • IT Levy – $25 per month/$250 per year over 2 years.

MacBook Air – Years 7-12

  • 2023 – rollout to Years 7-11 only.
  • 2023 – Year 12 students will continue with iPad or BYO device.
  • Students will retain the Macbook for a 3 year period.
  • Year 10-12 students will return the MacBook Air at the conclusion of Year 12.
  • IT Levy – $45 per month/$450 per year over 3 years.

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