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Being part of a caring community should be like the feeling of coming home, confident and sure that I am loved, valued and safe.

When families return to Parklands each day, it should be with similar confidence that they are returning to a familiar place where they can find a sense of belonging, full of familiar sights, stable routines and friendly faces.

Like any family home, Parklands has its own unique culture and rules. These rules help us maintain a culture of care, order and equity for our students and their families. It is important that families become familiar with our culture, be aware of our rules and seek assistance should any aspect of our culture cause hardship. Prompt, polite communication with the college staff will always be the best way to sort out any misunderstandings or difficulties that might arise.


We have a myriad of ways to keep up to date and stay in touch with what is going on at Parklands. Our teachers, teacher aides and administrative staff are always contactable by email for short issues needing clarification or quick communications. However, it is my suggestion that parents get to know their children’s teachers by talking to them face to face as often as possible or at least when concerns need to be raised.

Relationships are the key ingredient to maintaining long and strong partnerships that can survive tough times. School can be a tough time for some children, and in turn makes it tough on the family unit. Therefore, I urge parents to create and maintain a solid relationship with the staff at Parklands, being up to date with the latest calendar information and being on top of what your child is doing, day by day, term by term.

We sincerely hope that you find the Parklands community a place you can be content. We look forward to helping your child become all that God wants them to be, and providing families with a place of care and community.

May God bless you,

Jessica Grounds

Deputy Principal

Anne-Maree Kingston

Head of Primary School

Colin Elvery

Head of Middle School

Rebecca Wallis

Head of Senior School

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