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The Lower Primary School – Years 1 – 3

It is during the early developmental years that the framework for future learning is constructed. Our emphasis is on the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills, the development of an enquiring mind and the establishment of a love for school and learning.

Our day starts at 8:30am and concludes at 3:10pm. The Lower Primary academic program has a strong focus on phonics and provides an excellent approach to learning to read and write. We use Sound Waves to help develop literacy skills in students through the use of flash cards, charts, Music, DVD and teacher instruction.

Lower Primary Staff:

Grade 1:
Teachers: Mrs. Michelle Brown & Mrs. Kelly Clausen
Teacher Aide: Mrs. Alisha Mane

Grade 2:
Teachers: Mrs. Julia Jackson & Mrs. Julie Koplick
Teacher Aide: Mrs. Christine Hollenberg

Grade 3:
Teachers: Mrs. Dayna Davis & Mrs. Renee Imms
Teacher Aide: Mrs. Sue Martin

Daily Structure
Start: 8:30am
Morning Tea: 10:30am (20 mins)
Lunch: 12:30 (30 mins)
Structured Play: 2:30pm – 3:05pm

Parents may collect students from 2:30pm if needed.


Mr. Grant Jakins

Head of Primary