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Student Support and Routines

The care and wellbeing of our students and parents is our first and foremost priority here at Parklands. When emergencies happen everyone in our community can be affected and children and young people need support from parents, carers and other family members.

Are you in isolation or is your student in isolation? For support, you can email the Student Care team
rtc-staff@parklands.qld.edu.au. The Student Care team will be available to give you a call.

Children and young people may need help to understand what is going on in a way that is appropriate for their age and development. Parents may need help with setting up routines, maintaining consistency and at times keeping up their own energy to keep up with their students at home.

Remember as parents your wellbeing is incredibly important. We have all seen the videos and demonstrations on airplanes that in the case of an emergency when the oxygen mask falls be sure to put your own mask on first before attending to your child. This is very much the case for parenting. Take time to know what you and your partner need, and meet those needs, so that you are at your best emotionally and cognitively to support your student.

This website is designed to give you access to a range of information including

Support is available to parents and students

The Student Care and Wellbeing Team is available to support you via phone or email. You are more than welcome to request a support session for yourself or your student during operational hours.

Email – This will go to the core wellbeing team. We will then triage the requests and the most suitable team member will contact you via email or phone. Our email address is

Also check out some of our past newsletter articles that are full of tips to support you as you guide your child’s learning journey from home (See folder Newsletter articles)