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Student Device Program

The Program

The Parklands Christian College Student Device Program is compulsory for all students in Years 5-12.


  • Payments will be made over a 10 month period.
  • Term of Agreement is 3 years (30 months of scheduled payments).
  • Parents will be issued an agreement in January 2022 to be signed and returned before devices are issued.


  • The College will provide:
    • A protective case and laptop bag for the MacBook Airs.
    • A protective keyboard case for iPads.
  • Students may purchase additional accessories that assist with learning.
  • Deliberate damage to accessories may incur a replacement charge.


  • The software on these computers will be managed by the College.
  • The IT Department will have the ability to
    • Manage software settings and updates.
    • Deny or limit the use of some applications or hardware if it detracts from the students learning.
  • 24×7 internet filtering and security software will be in place, monitoring all activity on the device for the students’ safety.


  • If a student leaves during the term of the device agreement for any reason, payments will cease after the device is returned to the College in good condition.


  • All students will be issued with a school managed iCloud account that contains 200GB of cloud storage.
  • If a student has used their school email address as their Apple ID for an existing account, they will be prompted to change their existing Apple ID to a personal email address instead.


  • Apple MacBook Airs have fixed price repairs as follows. This cost will be passed on to parents.
    • Damaged screens or external enclosure damage – $149.
    • Internal damage or total machine repair – $429.
  • Apple iPads have a fixed price repair of
    • $65 for any internal or external damage.
  • Device repairs will be authorised and carried out via the Parklands IT Department. Loan devices may be available while repairs take place.
  • Deliberate damage or more than 2 repairs in a one year period may incur a replacement charge.


  • Buyback is offered on MacBook Airs only and is only available at the conclusion of the 3 year cycle.
  • A residual payment amount will be determined by the College and is subject to change each year.
  • Once a MacBook is purchased from the College, the device is not the responsibility of the College and support, warranty, and insurance is not offered on these devices.
  • Software is not provided on buyback devices.
  • The buy back cost will be $275.

The Devices




  • DUX STM Protective Case (RRP $69.95)
  • Targus Armoured Notebook Laptop Bag (RRP $99.95)
  • 24×7 Internet Filtering for 3 Years (RRP $207.00)
  • Security Software for 3 Years (RRP $239.85)
  • Device Management Software for 3 years (RRP $75.00)
Total Value $2,289.75. Your cost $1,350 over 3 years, with option to purchase for an additional $275, Total $1,625.00.



  • Logitech Rugged Keyboard Folio Case (RRP $249.00)
  • 24×7 Internet Filtering for 3 Years (RRP $207.00)
  • Device Management Software for 3 years (RRP $37.00)

Total Value $1,271.00, Your cost $500 over 2 years, with no option for buy back.

* All prices are less educational discounts where available. 


Rollout Schedule

iPad – Year 5 & 6

  • 2022 – rollout to Year 5 only, (Year 6 to continue BYO iPad program to the end of the year).
  • Year 5 & 6 students return iPads at the conclusion of Year 6.
  • IT Levy – $25 per month/$250 per year over 2 years.

MacBook Air – Years 7-12

  • 2022 – rollout to Years 7-10 only.
  • 2022 – Year 11-12 students will continue with iPad or BYO device.
  • Year 7-9 students will return the MacBook Air at the conclusion of Year 9.
  • Year 10-12 students will return the MacBook Air at the conclusion of Year 12.
  • IT Levy – $45 per month/$450 per year over 3 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program compulsary?


What happens if the device is misplaced or stolen?

You will be charged the replacement charge.

Can students take the device home over the holidays?

Yes, this is fine. However, in the year the device cycle ends, the device will need to be returned on the last school day in Term 4.

Is it possible to remove the 24x7 internet monitoring?

It is necessary for the College to filter internet usage for students in order to prevent distractions from their studies.

Can I choose the colour of my device or pay extra money to get a more expensive device?

No, as the devices are property of the College, we want to make the ordering and repair process as efficient as possible. We have carefully chosen devices that perform well and complete all tasks required by the curriculum.

Can I opt-in to the device scheme for students in non-eligible year levels?

Not at this stage. We may introduce this option at a later date.

Do the iPads have cellular capability?

No, the cellular option would add increased cost, and we want to ensure the IT Levy is affordable to all families at the College. Students are also required to use the College wifi when on site for increase internet filtering and security.

Do the iPads come with an Apple Pencil?

No, however you are welcome to purchase one separately.

Can students install additional software?

Yes, however this will be monitored and certain applications will be blocked from being installed. For example, applications that may distract the student from their studies or may introduce security risks.

Will we have to learn different software moving from Windows to macOS?

macOS is a different operating system to Windows and will have a learning curve. However, the basics remain the same and students will be provided with assistance if required through the IT Department.

Will we need to purchase adapters for existing peripherals such as a wired mouse or USB drive?

Yes, if you wish to use accessories that are not natively compatible with the USB-C ports on the devices, you will need to purchase an adapter. However, no additional accessories or adapters will need to be purchased by you for use at the College.

Can I use a different case or bag to carry my device to school?

No, in order to ensure the devices are kept in good condition, the College has purchased high quality bags and cases for the devices which must be used.

Will I be able to charge my device at school?

Students will be required to charge the device at home prior to coming to school. The battery life of the device will easily last a full day of use if fully charged at the start of the day. In an emergency, students will be able to charge their devices at Student Services during lunch breaks.

What is the expected battery life of my device?

The device should last in excess of the average school day.

Can I fix my device via a third party repair service if it’s cheaper?

No, as the devices are leased, they need to be repaired by Apple through the College only.

Do I have to fix my device straight away or can I wait until the damage gets worse before making a damage claim for repair?

As these devices are covered by accidental damage protection, it is recommended that students bring the device in for repair as quickly as possible.

Can we install our own content filtering software that we have purchased?

No, the College will provide content filtering software. Third party software may interfere with device usage while onsite at the College.

Will a replacement device be issued during device repair in the case of a damage claim?

Yes, subject to loan device availability at the College.