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We are privileged to be engaged in partnership with you as parents for the goal of successful education of your children. The Staff at Parklands do their best to cater for the needs of each of our students, informing you along the way of progress and challenges.

As a part of this partnership, we encourage you to stay in regular contact with your child’s teachers via email, and take the time to discuss elements of schooling with both them and your child.

All staff can be contacted via email by using their first initial and last name. For example: ateacher@parklands.qld.edu.au. In all cases, the Heads of School are available to field any questions or issues you may have.

Principal – Mr. Johannes Solymosi

Primary School

Mr. Grant Jakins – Head of Primary School

Mrs. Desley Finlay – Prep
Mrs. Kerry Foster – Prep
Mrs. Kelly Clausen – Grade 1
Mrs. Robyn Gowreah – Grade 1
Miss. Jessica Bourchier – Grade 2
Mrs. Penny Daley – Grade 2
Mrs. Rachael Abbot – Grade 3
Mr. Joshua Kennedy – Grade 3
Mr. Michael Bradshaw – Grade 4
Mr. Daniel Patane – Grade 4
Miss. Clara Needs – Grade 5
Miss. Elizabeth Strubin – Grade 5
Mr. Dookun Gowreah – Grade 6
Mr. Mark Holman – Grade 6
Mr. Ben Lewis – HPE
Mrs. Jodie Bazley – Visual Art
Mrs. Suzanne Patane – Music

Secondary School

Miss. Jessica Grounds – Head of Secondary School: Middle School & Senior College / Science

Mr. Colin Elvery – Middle School Coordinator / Music

Mrs. Rebecca Wallis – Senior College Coordinator /
Home Ec

Mrs. Alanah Braun – English/The Arts
Mr. Michael Braun – Science/IT
Mrs. Cherry Corino – Art/English/History
Mrs. Kristie Schultz – Science/PE/Senior Biology (Lead Teacher: Maths/Science)
Mr. Ken Luke – English/History/Maths (Lead Teacher: Literacy)
Mrs. Sharon Thompson – Science/Mathematics/Business/Chemistry
Mr. Peter Kidd – CLS/English/Science
Mrs. Mandy Ross – Home Ec./English Com
Mr. Zac Cunningham – Industry Tech/Graphics/7 IT
Miss. Julia Matthews – English/Drama
Mr. Joshua Leembruggen – Sports Coordinator/PE
Mrs. Odette Watson – Maths/Senior Economics
Miss. Cherie Csikos – Science/Senior Chemistry/Maths
Mrs. Kimberley Moir – Home Ec/Business
Mr. Kristoff Todd – Maths/Science
Mrs. Rebecca Taylor – Drama/Humanities
Mrs. Cleo Smith – Drama/English
Mrs. Jessica Holman – Graphics/Maths
Mrs. Diana Braybrooke – History/CLS
Mrs. Deanne Hudson – VET Coordinator
Mrs. Hannah Reynolds – Education Support Officer
Mrs. Sharon Hollyer – Home Economics/Art Teacher Aide
Mrs. Naomi Radke – Science Lab Technician
Mr. Andrew Flaxman – VET Facilitator: Cert 2 Engineering
Mrs. Andrea Parker – VET Facilitator: Cert 2 Sport & Rec/ Cert 2 Active Vounteering / Hospitality Practices
Mrs. Nikki Muller – VET Facilitator: Cert 2 Sport & Rec/ Cert 2 Active Vounteering / Job Readiness / English Com