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Prioritising Connection

Prioritising Connection

During this season with your children you are going to have an incredible opportunity to connect as a family and create some fantastic routines that you can use long after this crisis has passed.

It’s not good for us to be alone, we need each other. Therefore our relationships matter, our connection to one another matters and our commitment to each other matters. The people around you and their idea and practice of covenant has an impact, for good and for bad.

We must not only choose those relationships wisely but we need to COMMIT to those relationships and covenants in order for us to become strong, powerful and healthy people. The strength and health of those relationships determine the strength and health of your life and wellbeing. The storms of life will not take us out if we commit to our covenant with one another, to hold each other no matter what is thrown at us.


There are many great ways to connect as a family, here are just a few ideas.


Stay Connected

  • Take time to Skype or FaceTime with loved ones who you cannot physically see.
  • Write letters that you can post or hand deliver after this season. Or emails!
  • Keep a family journal of what you did together, learned about one another and reflecting on this season.
  • Use social media wisely to increase positive thinking by sharing good news stories and encouragement.
  • Connect with a close friend to pray together via phone or video chat.
  • Share what you are doing as a family with your friends.

Brittney Serpell’s Parenting 101 – Updated course includes an activity in which parents are guided through the process of developing their own family creed with their children. Brittney also covers updated topics such as technology.

Parklands Christian Centre – our Parklands church ministry is available for your care and support needs throughout this time. Please feel welcome to contact them with your prayer requests, to talk to someone or to keep them informed about needs in our community.

HeartSmart @ Home – great resources for parents with primary students to help their child learn to keep their love on, too much selfie isn’t healthy, resilience, how to talk about emotions and more…

Also there is a free online quiz for parents to sit down with their children and do together at www.5lovelanguages.com. Learning to communicate your child or partner’s love language will set you up for great connected communication no matter what is going on around you.

Bible Studies – there are many Apps including Holy Bible and Bible Gateway which give you access to the bible anywhere you are. What is more you can use the features in these apps to access family devotionals. YouVersion The Bible App for Kids is also available.


Church online – many churches locally and internationally are streaming services online. Sit down with your family and have a time of worship, teaching and communion each week. Some churches are offering short daily devotionals and encouragement so be sure to look up your favourite ones to see what they are doing. There are also so many podcasts now available that you are spoilt for choice.

Kids Church – Free Video Series – Seth Dahl has also offered two online kids series for the whole family to watch together.

Kids Worship – YouTube is full of kids praise and worship videos. Spend some time each day dancing and singing with your children.