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CLEAR is our school's way of reminding each other of the great commission we have as teachers. Through this metaphor, we can identify what we value about the craft of teaching, and have a common language through which we can encourage each other to improve our teaching practice.

Our pedagogy is CLEAR:
Clear vision and goals
Leadership in learning
Embracing change
Affirming Individuals
Right Relationship


Clear Vision and Goals
Teachers and students need to share a common understanding of why certain concepts and content are relevant. Students need to understand how learning activities help move them towards their goals, and God’s greater vision for them. Teachers and students experience greater connectivity with learning and motivation if the vision is clear and the journey is negotiated. From whole school vision and available pathways, to program outlines and criteria and standards for individual assessment pieces, learning at Parklands should not be secret teachers’ business, rather it should be easily accessible, negotiated and shared information.

Leadership in Learning
God has called teachers to be leaders. Teachers are to use wisdom and authority to design learning journeys for students, which will help students develop God given gifts. Teaching is a complex and dynamic calling. United by a common bond of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Christian teachers serve as members of one body, each with a different role to play. Teachers need to keep on learning and model life long learning and personal growth, so Parklands develops as a Learning Community. Within the Learning Community, teachers need to look for opportunities to work together on projects beyond the classroom as a way of enriching the learning culture of the whole school.

Embracing Organised Challenge
Learning experiences that are rich in challenge and complexity can connect students to real life learning and performance in future life roles. When students succeed in completing these challenges, they are more highly motivated and the transfer of skill is higher. However, it can’t be a sink or swim approach. The students needs to be purposely taught the thinking and cooperative learning skills needed, and the task needs to be scaffolded by the teacher for a smooth path to success. There is a careful balance of tension the teacher needs to create between student orientated learning and teacher directed work that calls on the wise leadership of the teacher.

Affirming Individual
oday’s fractured society and the academic nature of schools do not always lead students to believe in their own worth as leaders. Teachers need to confirm for students that God has uniquely created each of us with our own strengths and challenges, and that He loves us. We need to seek to understand our students’ individual learning needs, and strategically shape our pedagogy to meet those needs. Teachers work in partnership with parents, so we can affirm individuals and build a secure foundation of confidence that will lead to learning success.

Right Relationship & Enjoyment
God desires a right relationship with us and a right relationship between us. As teachers we need to model mature, appropriate emotional interactions and assist students to develop self-regulatory behaviour that reflects God’s standards for right relationship. This includes caring for and encouraging one another and seeking forgiveness and restoration of relationships. We need to recognize the developmental stages of a child’s growth and use our authority as the leader in the classroom in positive and fair ways to make learning enjoyable for all. Teachers challenge students to measure their attitudes and behaviour against the unchanging standards in God’s word, while demonstrating God’s unchanging love.