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Fee Information

Inclusions / Ancillaries

Items included in these fees are school camps; excursions and incursions; weekly sport and most extracurricular
activities; student accident protection plan; textbook hire scheme; Y12 formal.
Items that will not be part of the all-inclusive fee are international travel through our Missions program;
instrumental tuition (group or individual); selected non-compulsory activities that may be offered from time to
time; stationery items from the booklist; optional external certificate courses in senior secondary.


Discounts are available for fees paid annually (8%) or term (5%) monthly (2%). Discounts are applied to tuition fees only. Conditions apply.


Fees are charged monthly in advance between February and November.
Fees are to be paid by Direct Debit—annually, per term or monthly.
Direct Debits that reject from your account due to insufficient funds will incur a $10 fee and loss of discount. An additional late fee of $20 will apply to invoices outstanding at the end of the month.
Non-payment of fees ultimately results in termination of enrolment. Regular communication and demonstrated effort are required if difficulties occur. Hardship is considered in genuine circumstances.
Unreturned textbooks will be charged at replacement value.
All students are expected to attend school camps. Camp fees are incorporated into the school fee structure. There will be no refund of costs if a student is unable to attend.
An Enrolment Fee of $100 per family is required on application to cover costs of testing and assessing each student regardless of age or class level.
Parklands Christian College General Account bank details are as follows: BSB 034115 Account 169944

Building Fund

For our ongoing school development, we recommend a tax-deductible donation to our Building Fund of $250
per year. Direct credit to: Parklands Christian College Limited Building Fund – BSB 034 115 – Account  19 11 13
with reference of the name you want printed on your receipt.

Donations & Bequests

Parklands Christian College has been richly blessed throughout its relatively brief history, enjoying the support of parents, friends and the wider college community. Parklands acknowledges the past and present generosity of people passionate about the school and with a deep commitment to its mission. More than ever, the support of parents and staff (both current and past), alumni and the wider community is needed to ensure the ongoing enhancement of the Christian education we provide for our students.

Every donation or bequest to Parklands Christian College, large or small, will make an enduring and unique contribution to the College. Your donation or bequest will benefit our students – both now and in the future.

You can contact Mr Jeff Gray in the College’s Business Office on 07 3380 4200 for details.