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At Parklands Christian College, staff should acknowledge that they serve the Lord Jesus Christ, primarily, and should view a position here as a ministry.

Teaching staff should be able to recognise that they have a ministry of teaching. To be a successful member of Parklands Christian College, there must be a confidence that God has called the individual to the ministry of care and to exercise that gifting at Parklands.

Application Packs
Please carefully consider the information provided before completing the attached application.

Primary Teacher or Teacher Aide Applications
Please email Mr. Grant Jakins – Head of Primary: gjakins@parklands.qld.edu.au

Secondary Teacher or Teacher Aide Applications
Please email Miss. Jessica Grounds – Head of Secondary: jgrounds@parklands.qld.edu.au

Non-Teaching Staff Applications
Please email Mr. Jeff Gray – Business Manager: jgray@parklands.qld.edu.au

Education Act 2005
Parklands Christian College EBA

Practicum Application
Practicum Application Form

Parklands Christian College uses Seek.com to advertise positions. You may also find jobs advertised via ACS or CSA.

Current Positions

Teacher – Case Manager

Working at Parklands

Professional Requirements
Parklands hires educators who possess the following qualifications and qualities:

  • Holder of a Bachelor Degree in Education, or Post Graduate Certificate/Diploma in Education;
  • Possess the relevant training and/or experience in the subjects or areas that they will be teaching in class;
  • Support the College values;
  • Have passion in teaching students and view this as a ministry
  • Are sensitive and responsive to the needs of students;
  • Demonstrate commitment in teamwork;
  • Are good role models to students and conduct themselves professionally
  • Comply with our life style statement and all other requirements as per our employment application

Teacher Training
In recognition of the need for specialized training in curricular areas, Parklands Christian College is committed to investing in the skills that teachers cannot normally obtain from a normal degree or teacher’s certification program. We also encourage our teaching staff to take advantage of training made available via ISQ. We feel that such investment will have a positive effect on the teaching and learning environment that leads to positive outcomes for both teachers and students.