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Behaviour Education: RTP

Parkland Christian College utilises the Responsible Thinking Process (RTP) founded on Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) to help guide our behaviour education strategies. The Responsible Thinking Classroom (RTC), supported by a team of RTP Facilitators is accessed by students to help them learn how to modify their behaviour. We believe that behaviour is a concept that is taught just like any other subject and sometimes students need time and space to get their head around the impact of their behaviour. The RTC is such a space.

One of the misconceptions about RTC is that it is for ‘naughty’ students and is therefore a punishment and detention. This is not true; rather RTC is a space to learn responsibility, self-control and devise strategies for positive life choices. We avoid using words like detention and bad or naughty and certainly don’t associate ‘fear’ with the RTC.

A student may use the RTC for the following:

  • Own their behaviour and devise strategies to respect the right of others to learn
  • Complete homework, unfinished class work and assignments
  • Study quietly and use the computers
  • Print assignments
  • Sort out uniform infringements
  • Discuss any difficulties regarding staff or fellow students
  • Process non-RTP behaviours

Through using RTP, we can help build the confidence of students by teaching them how to think responsibly and feel good about themselves. One way of doing this is to incorporate quality time. By providing quality time with these students we establish relationship, which is essential in the building up of self-worth and ability to succeed. So when things do go wrong, or a problem arises, the student can learn to achieve their goals whilst respecting other students’ right to learn.

  • We take time out to listen to them, and try to understand WHY they feel the need to continue being disruptive.
  • We spend quality time with that student.
  • We treat them the same as every other student.

More information:

How RTP Works

Responsible Thinking Classroom
The RTC is down stairs from Student Services.

Class Rules
  1. I can respect the rights of others to learn – it is not ok to disrupt others by leaving my place or talking out of turn or over others or using an outside voice.
  2. I can be safe and keep others safe. It is not ok to push, shove or punch others or hurt their feelings. I will ensure I am supervised.
  3. I can be prepared for class and be ready to learn. I can bring all required equipment to each lesson and be aware of my timetable.
  4. I can respect the property of others and the College. It is not ok to mark, break or steal property that is not mine.